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Kasauti Zindagi Kay 5th October 2018 Episode 9

Video watch online Kasauti Zindagi Kay 5th October 2018 today latest new full episode 9 of Star Plus drama serial Kasauti Zindagi Kay complete show Episodes by starplus. Watch Kasauti Zindagi Ki episode 9 Online.

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Telecast Date: 5 October 2018
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#KasautiZindagiKi is an Indian Soap Opera Hindi Drama Serial. The drama is full of Romance, betrayal, revenge and retribution and story of Love. All videos, live news and episodes are available on KasautiZindagiKay.Net

Kasauti Zindagi Kay 5th October 2018 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anurag looking for Prerna. Pandit asks him to get puja items. Anurag asks servant and goes to Navin’s room to get the puja items. Navin says the bed is comfortable, come, sit. Prerna says you have shown the room, come, I have fulfilled my promise, you fulfill yours now. He says I like it, a smart girl is hidden behind this simple girl. He gets the cheque book and signs a cheque. He gives her the cheque and says now you are mine. Prerna says I didn’t come to get sold, I m marrying to help my family, I wanted to study and become something, I thought relations will be made between families, I won’t take cheque, it seems you are paying a price. Navin says what does it matter, I m paying money to solve your family problems, keep it. Anurag comes. She hides the cheque.

Anurag says sorry, I wanted the puja items. Navin asks him to take it from cupboard. Anurag takes the items and goes. Prerna says if you give cheque to me again, this compromise will end. Navin says no. She returns the cheque to him and leaves.
Anurag asks what was happening there. She says the rasam has happened, don’t you know. Veena says we won’t bear for more, we shall leave. She says Mohini, we shall go now. Navin says not so soon, you didn’t take any gift. He gives jewelry to them. Suman gets glad. Veena says I won’t take this. Mohini insists. She stops Nivedita from joking on their financial position. Navin says you have given your precious jewel to us, you have to keep this. Anurag thinks something is wrong. Navin says Prerna and I united, its a big day, we should celebrate. Mohini says ofcourse, we should celebrate. Moloy is on the way. Navin asks Prerna for dance.

Navin and Prerna dance on Tumne apna banane ka….. Anurag and everyone look on. Prerna’s family feels bad. Moloy reaches home. Prerna falls away. Moloy comes and holds her. He asks are you fine, what’s happening here. Mohini says what a pleasant surprise, I didn’t expect you. Moloy asks what’s happening, Navin is with Prerna. Rajesh says I tried to inform you. Moloy asks what. Navin says chill, I m marrying Prerna. Moloy asks are you mad. He scolds Mohini. He says Navin is double the age of Prerna. Mohini says the rasam has happened, come, you maybe tired. Moloy says so you did this in my absence. Mohini says this happened by everyone’s wish.

Moloy says I want to talk to Prerna in private. He takes Prerna with him. Anurag smiles happily. Moloy asks Prerna to tell him, he has seen her since childhood, did anyone force her, Mohini forced her? Prerna thinks how to tell him about the notice. He asks why did you say yes to Navin, you used to come to me to tell me your secrets, you trusted me, show same trust today and tell me, I will handle everyone. She says I m doing this for the loan which dad took from your company. He gets shocked and asks what, for that petty amount, how can you do this.

She says there was no way, you don’t know dad’s condition, he will feel ashamed if he can’t repay loan, when Navin got alliance, I saw my duty and dad’s peace. Moloy says how did Rajesh agree for this. She says dad doesn’t know anything, don’t tell him, he has worked hard for us, its my first and last chance to do my duty. He says I won’t let your life get ruined. She says stop, rasam has happened. He says even if your marriage happened, I will not let Navin and Mohini snatch your happiness, come with me. He goes to Rajesh and says you got ready to get Prerna married to Navin for 15 lakhs, why, did I ask for money, you worked hard, my house and business is because of me, I gave you money for Veena’s treatment, I know you would have done a lot for me if Mohini was sick, I don’t want money. Anurag looks on. Mohini says I want money with full interest. Moloy says if you did this for Navin, I can do anything for Rajesh, Prerna and Navin won’t marry.

Mohini says Navin will repay loan. She insults Rajesh. Rajesh says I didn’t know this, if I knew, I would have broken this marriage. Moloy asks Mohini to shut up. Veena says we won’t be quiet now, you gave world to them. Rajesh says I got salary for work, I will repay loan, we will live on road but with self respect. He shouts and pushes Prerna. He says you broke my trust. He gets a heart attack. Everyone holds him. Prerna looks on. Her imagination ends. Moloy says I will handle it, tell me. Prerna worries. She says I m marrying Navin for money. He says you are lying, you can’t change for money overnight, you never took gifts from me. She says I have to study and go abroad. He says tell me, I will get you educated abroad, this can’t be a reason, Navin isn’t a nice man, don’t do this, don’t ruin life for him. She says I will get a lot from this marriage, its your wish, don’t come between my wish, its my request. He gets hurt and cries. She cries and thinks sorry, if I told you about loan, Mohini would insult dad all life. She goes and sees Anurag at the door. She leaves.

Moloy comes to Rajesh and says she is marrying Navin by her wish. Mohini smiles. Navin says you should have believed me, do I have permission now. He laughs and goes to Prerna. He thanks her. Prerna holds his hand. Moloy and Rajesh feel bad. Anurag looks on.

Mohini says she is marrying for money. She speaks bad about Prerna. Navin says we decided to marry soon. Prerna goes with him. Anurag gets Navin’s phone.